Top 3 Ways To Choose a Photographer

Top 3 Ways to Choose a Photographer 



Just as you and I have a style when it comes to dressing or coming about a certain task, photographers also all have different styles. One of the main thing’s to have in mind is what type of photoshoot you’re after ( Life style, boudoir, street , fashion etc..)? Many photographers understand the basics of various styles but finding a photographer who has specialized in the specific niche you want to express yourself creatively maximizes your own potential to fully flourish as a model. Those photographers who have a specialized niche will have a better perspective in guiding you towards that field of modelling. This also gives you a head start as you can pick the photographers brain for tips, also they will already have some sort of following in the niche and may be able to give you exposure.



This is huge within any industry, the lack of professionalism will make or break a deal. Working with someone that lacks professionalism is of no use to you. If the photographer is showing you in any way a lack of professionalism this could mean the photographer has acted this way towards other people and word spreads. Two good ways to find out if the photographer you’ve contacted is a real professional is by messaging other models that the photographer has worked with and the second is to analyze how the photographer behaves while interacting with others online.



I have heard people say equipment doesn’t make a photographer… Well It does.. a photographer’s equipment will dictate what type of shoots and jobs they may be able to tackle. Some equipment also alters the feel and vibe of a picture giving it an original flare to it (Prisms, Filters, Film cameras). Having the proper equipment also facilitates the job making the photoshoot flow smoother. Last thing you want is getting contacted for a photoshoot and they show up with the new iPhone….      😂😂😂😂


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