How to Survive In a Social Media World

How To Survive In A SOCIAL MEDIA World


How to survive in this social media addicted world...? There is a couple things to put into account before answering such a broad question. First of all are you on social media for yourself, others or for your business? Are you comparing your progress in life to other people? Can you take heavy criticism?
Ask yourself what are you on social media for ... if you are on Instagram to please people to show them how “good” your doing this will only lead to you becoming egotistical and dependent on likes and comments for validation. How can you feel validation over a virtual interaction !? This becomes so toxic it triggers the reward system in your brain almost like creating a high , so when you don’t get as good of interactions you long for more of this validation ... Honestly if you are comparing yourself to other people over social media you need to get off it until you accept yourself , your life,  and know where you stand. Not all of us walk the same shoes and we all have different roles to play in life ... Plus how many people show their failures on social media ? That’s right not much ! Almost no one even sees the progress and the hard work of successful individuals because they just see the success and not the grind .
The internet is a world within our hands, a world that can make or break a lot of egos. The web isn’t some pretty place where everything is filtered... well at least for now. So you can expect heavy criticism and negativity . Some individuals are to soft to handle criticism and anything said or done will have them on edge, pist off , angry, making petty post , exposing people etc... If you are this type of person I suggest you stay off social media until you have enough self confidence and don’t get moved by criticism! People’s opinions of you are only THEIR perception of you,  not yours THEIRS.
What I did to get past all this was I realized who I was , where I stand , and increased my self confidence. I disconnected myself from the grid collected my thoughts and when I felt ready and confident I came back onto social media with different mentality . I listen to criticism but that doesn’t mean I take it , I see others doing good I am happy for them , someone throws shade I smile and most important I stopped caring what others think of me! I do this because I love it because I show the real me because I want to motivate and be a positive figure in as many individuals life’s as I can . You can’t expect to be loved by everyone so stay woke and realize this is a virtual world , real interaction is human to human !! I hope to meet a lot of you guys face to face ! Thanks for reading 🤘🏼🙏🏻
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Written By:
Sebastian Escobar Deossa 

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